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Memorable Waterfowl Hunting in Missouri Rice & Bean Fields

Duck & Speck Hunts offered from Mid November to Early February 

Snow Goose Conservation Hunts offered from Early February to Early March

Missouri South Zone Duck Season

Missouri White-Fronted Goose Season

Missouri Light Goose Conservation Season

Make memories that will last a lifetime with waterfowl hunting from Fowl Lifestyle Outfitters in Rives, Missouri. We enable you to experience a true Southeast Missouri duck hunt that you will never forget in the flooded rice & bean fields of the prairie.

Whether you're looking for big bull sprigs circling overhead, jet-like teal at eye level, bright orange-footed mallards hovering over the decoys, screaming snow geese, or big fat barred-up specklebelly geese, we will give you the best opportunity to see it all with us at Fowl Lifestyle Outfitters, LLC based out of the Bootheel of Missouri!

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Outfitter Services

Our outfitter services include guided waterfowl hunts in flooded rice and bean fields, as well as Self Guided Daily Pit Leases during both duck season & the snow goose conservation season. We know that a good experience with an Outfitter goes far beyond just the number of birds harvested at the end of the day.  From the planning stages, to the hunt, to the camaraderie in the blind, these are just a few of the things that make-up a quality experience from start to finish, & we strive to make every part of your trip with us, that we can control, to be enjoyable at the highest level.


Hunting Setups

While most of our hunting opportunities come out of pits in rice and bean fields, we also hunt out of MOmarsh™ Invisichairs, MOmarsh™ AT-X Invisilays, layouts, and blinds whenever the birds present us the opportunity, giving us an edge over many other outfitters that are tied down to stationary pits all season long.


Harvest Opportunities

While hunting in the flooded rice & bean fields of Southeast Missouri, the time frame of which your hunt takes place will greatly determine the waterfowl which you are most likely to have the opportunity to bag.  Early season hunts tend to bring a more mixed bag, while late season hunts tend to focus more heavily on the notorious green-headed Mallard.  Mallards, gadwall, green-winged teal, northern shovelers, & pintails are the most common ducks that we encounter on a day to day basis.  Specklebelly geese as well as Snow Geese are also a very likely possibility while hunting the flooded fields.


Included in Your Guided Hunt

- Professional, Experienced, & Friendly Waterfowl Guides - Some days a single guide may go with you, but some days multiple guides may accompany your group to give you the best possible hunt!  Many times it helps to have as many seasoned callers in a pit as possible in the vast exapanses of the prairie.

- Proven Field Options spread throughout our Area, including both rice & bean fields that are managed all year specifically for duck & goose season

- Fresh Coffee to Drink Before your Hunts at the Fowl Lifestyle HQ

- Large Decoy Spreads, Well Brushed Pits & Blinds, Motion Decoys, & Mojo Outdoors Spinning Wing Decoys When Appropriate

- Ice Eaters to Ensure Open Water No Matter How Cold it May Get During Your Trip to Guarantee the Best Possible Opportunities

- Multiple Heaters Inside our Pits during cold snaps to Provide Maximum Comfort on those Extra Cold Days in the Field

- Constant Scouting by our Guides Before & During your Trip to the Bootheel which allows us to adapt our spreads, tactics, as well as locations

- Hunting on Proven Private Ground that is carefully managed all season specifically for waterfowl

Not Included in Hunt

- Licenses (Missouri has some of the lowest license cost for Non-Residents Anywhere)

- Lunch, Snacks, & Drinks During the Hunt

- Gratuitiy for your Guide (Standard industry rates per group range from 10-20% of trip price).  All of our guides work for tips!

- Lodging (Elk Chute Lodge is within 5 minutes of our HQ & Hotels are within 15-20 minutes of the Fowl Lifestyle Shop)

- Bird Cleaning - Birds may be cleaned at the FLO HQ

What to Bring

• Warm Clothing
• Rain Gear
• Waders (Knee Boots Minimum)
• Steel Shot - BB - 2 Shot recommended

• Face Mask/Paint
• Bird Straps
• Shotgun - Modified to Full-Choke

• Cameras
• ATVs & UTVs are welcome
• Waterfowl Calls
• Trained Retrievers - If Pre-approved

Unique Hunting Styles

We show you what duck hunting in the rice fields of the bootheel of Missouri is all about. Our Mississippi Flyway duck hunting styles appeal to many different types of hunters. Duck hunting in our area varies nearly as much as any other state.  No matter where we are hunting day to day, we are able to drop you off right beside the pit, blind, or layouts!


Keeping You Informed

We provide frequent in-field reports to keep you current on the latest information about ducks in the Mississippi flyway. Additionally, we enjoy sharing anything new we learn and hunting tips throughout season with you to ensure everyone a better chance in the field, while increasing the likelihood of bagging a few more ducks this season.  We aim to keep our clients informed on their upcoming hunts during season, no matter the outlook.

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Contact us for a waterfowl hunting trip that you will never forget. (In a Good Way!) 

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