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2017 - 2018 Waterfowl Season Guided Hunts

Flooded & Dry, Rice & Bean Field Hunting

We Mainly Target Ducks & Specklebelly Geese on Our Guided Hunts

The opportunity to shoot snow geese does come in to play under the right circumstances, just ask our clients who were lucky enough to hunt a field between two major feeds on a cloudy/foggy day.

50% Deposit Due To Lock & Hold Dates

3 Person Minimum / 8 Person Maximum

No Minimum Trip Length Required

Guided Hunts Last From Legal Shooting Light To Around Lunch

*At Certain Times We May Hunt Afternoons Based On Bird Patterns*

2017/2018 Waterfowl Hunting Packages

Guided Morning Duck/Goose Hunt
$195 PP
Dates: Nov. 23rd - 26th & Dec. 4th - Jan. 28th
Hunts End When Limits are Reached or Lunch

Early/Late Season Guided Specklebelly Goose Hunts

$75 PP

Dates: Nov. 11th - Feb. 6th

Morning Hunts that Last Until Limits are Reached or Lunch

Ducks Overhead - Waterfowl Outfitters

Ducks Overhead - Waterfowl Outfitters

Check out photos on the "Waterfowl Hunts" page as well as our frequently updated Facebook & Instagram Social Media Pages to see what to expect when you come hunt with Fowl Lifestyle Outfitters, LLC!

We have access to thousands of acres of private ground & fields stretched across 30 miles of the bootheel to give you the best opportunities possible!

Prime Hunting Areas

• E & NE of Hornersville Swamp WMA
• Ground North & South of Little River CA

4 Miles NE of Big Lake WMA/Refuge
12 Miles W of the Mississippi River 

We have ground spread across nearly 30 miles of the bootheel of Missouri & in multiple counties to provide you with the best possible hunting! Rolled rice, burned rice, flooded fields, dry fields, standing beans, standing rice, whatever the ducks are hitting on any given day in our area, there is a good chance we can be where they want to be!

We always Drop You Off Right Beside The Pit Or Blind On Our Guided Hunts! No Extra Walking!


We currently do not provide on-site lodging, but there is a locally owned lodge nearby!  We highly recommend staying at The ELK CHUTE LODGE which is only 5 minutes away from our HQ.  Be sure & check them out at & book early before all their rooms are full.

There are also a range of hotel options, within  10 - 15 minutes of the Fowl Lifestyle shop, in Blytheville, Arkansas as well as Kennett, Missouri.  Most of the hotels in the area are pet friendly, so you don't have to worry about your retriever during your trip. 

We as an Outfitter are not currently providing on-site lodging, therefore we are able to focus nearly 100% of our budget on consistent, quality ground, decoys, & gear for your hunts! Because after all, you're here for the hunting, not a fancy room to sleep in!


We have fields under the direct flight paths from Reelfoot Lake to Big Lake WMA/Refuge as well as Bogota & Thorny Cypress WMA's to Big Lake WMA/Refuge giving us excellent traffic throughout the entire season, both in the mornings & afternoons.  Otter Slough & Ten Mile Pond are also within a only short distance of our ground!

Whether it be rain, sleet, snow, wind, or a hard freeze, we have pits & blinds in fields specifically setup to keep you comfortable & dry while giving you the best opportunities possible! Big fields, small fields, rice or beans, shallow water or dry ground, we have a little bit of everything to spark your interest during your trip!

Typical Guided Hunt

  • Meet Your Guide(s) at the Fowl Lifestyle HQ & Enjoy some Fresh Coffee Before Heading Out to the Previously Scouted Fields
  • Sign Waivers & Pay Balance for Upcoming Hunts, if not completed the evening before, & review general safety
  • Follow Your Guide to Your Hunting Location within minutes of the Fowl Lifestyle Shop
  • Sometimes, we ride directly from the HQ to the pit/blind on our guides Crew Cab Rangers.  Other times we may drive 5-10 minutes away before loading into the Polaris.
  • Our Guides Help Get You & Your Gear to Pit/Hunting Spot via UTV, ATV, boat, or short walk depending on the field
  • Relax in the Pit or Join your guide in Setting Out or Changing the Spread before Sunrise for the given day's weather
  • Join the guides in calling the birds into the spreads or just sit back & relax!
  • Enjoy & Watch Thousands of Migrating Waterfowl as the Fowl Lifestyle Guides Do Everything Possible to Bring the Birds into Shooting Range for you in the picturesque rice & bean fields of SEMO!

Open Water Guarantee & Cancellation Information

We guarantee that your hunt will not be canceled on you last minute because of a major cold front bringing sub-freezing temperatures to our area.  We are set up to keep open water no matter how cold it may get during your trip by having multiple ice eaters in our arsenal to use 24/7 to ensure the best possibilities during ice.  Their durability has been proven in past seasons, having been ran for over 120+ hours straight at one point during the past season.  Depending on the length of a freeze, we may opt to move your dates though.

We also have the option to hunt over large dry field spreads of full-body duck decoys as well as both specklebelly & snow goose decoys giving us a major advantage over everyone else in our area.  If your lucky, you'll get to hunt the thaw in the rice fields after a hard freeze!

If we decide that is in your best interest to cancel your hunt, we will try to provide you with dates later in the current season, but worst case we will roll your dates over to the following season.  All paid monies are non-refundable.  We want to give you the best hunt possible, & if we cancel your hunt, rest assured it is worth moving dates!

Fowl Lifestyle Outfitters

After Your Hunt

After the hunt ends, you may follow the guides back to the Fowl Lifestyle HQ to relax & discuss the next days plans. You may also opt to simply head home or back to your hotel directly from the field, to prepare for the next days hunt.

Quality Hunts with a Small Business Showing True Southern Hospitality!

While we do everything we can to put your limit of birds, we are hunting a migratory bird that can travel hundreds of miles in one night.  We do not guarantee birds, but we do guarantee 100% of our effort & abilities to give you the opportunity to kill your limit!