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April 8th, 2017  -  FLO Update
  It's been a warm & relatively wet spring so far this year, but in the last week it has dried up enough that several of the area's farmers are getting into the fields & working them somewhat.  After a hit or miss season for most hunters in our area, we were fortunate enough to be on the hitting end of the birds this season.  It proved to be one of our best seasons to date & we have high hopes for the 2017/2018 season as well!

  With the continued trend of more pits going in this spring & fall in our area, competition is poised to be tough again in many areas.  Many groups dropped their pit from last sesaon but were quickly picking up another in the same area, which is a testiment to how a 1/4 mile can make a major diference in numbers. (Location, location, location)

  We will be growing into our 4th consectutive season by adding a significant amount of ground to our lineup, as well as doing some addtions around our headquarters.  We are excited to announce that all of our guides will be back for the 2017/2018 season, & many of our friends who have hunted with us in past seasons have already re-booked for the upcoming season.  

  There will be a new lodge in our area that we are referring our clients to, owned by some of our friends who farm in the immediate area.  If your hunting in Southeast Missouri & need a place to stay, be sure & check out Elk Chute Lodge.

  Stay tuned to our social media pages, blog, as well as our website for updates throughout the year, specials, giveaways, & migration reports.  We are looking very foward to our growth for next season, as well as season itself!   

June 16th, 2017 - FLO Update

  It's been somewhat of a wet spring so far, but just recently it has begun drying up somewhat.  The dry weather has allowed for new pits to be sunk & to replace older pits.  Most the crops are in so far, with there being somewhat of a rise in bean acres & a drop in rice acres.  More ground has been graded recently which will allow for more water in our local area (we hope).

  We have begun working on pits, adding some covered roofs, as well as planning a new 8 man blind with a full kitchen.  Plans to add more parking area to the HQ as well as more storage will free up room for more area for clients to store gear during their trip.

  While we do not prefer hunting over one crop to another, it looks like most of our fields will be in rice this upcoming season.  With bag limits announced & overall the same as the previous season, we are looking foward to an exciting season as always, especially since we are coming off of our best sesaon to date!

August 8th, 2017 - FLO Update

  With the first major work weekend in the books, everything is shaping up well in our area.  This season we are looking at somewhere around 50% beans & 50% rice on our ground after a relatively wet spring.  With over 2500 acres this season that we are working off of, we are looking forward to an extremely busy fall getting everything ready for everyone, but we are definitely ready for a cool down in the weather!

  We are around 75% booked currently with only around 10 days of guided hunts left available for this season.  After talks of an "average to good" hatch up north, it is only a waiting game now!  

February 11th, 2017 - Season Recap

  If we had to describe this past season in a few words: Warm & dry, then super cold & wet.  It was a season of extremes that made it one of our toughest conditions seasons to date.  We started season with some pretty consistent hunting, with only a few short lulls, & then around Christmas a hard freeze hit our area that wouldn't give up so quickly.

  Nearly 1/3 of our season we had ice on the ground that we battled, & at times just had to wait out. We saw 6" of ice multiple times.  But we had some very quality hunting before & after the ice.  With higher bird averages than any prior season, we couldn't complain most of the season whenever we weren't locked up.  

  Plans have already begun for next season with our eyes on some big plans!  We are expecting more rice on our ground for next season, new pits, & hopefully a lot of new birds!  We are looking forward to seeing everyone again next season, with an expected client return rate of over 50%.