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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have a minimum group size to book a hunt?

    A. There is a minimum group size of 2

Q. Do you offer lodging?

    A. No, we do not currently offer lodging, but we highly recommend staying at the ELK CHUTE LODGE which is within 5 minutes of our HQ.

There are also severalhotel options in either Blytheville, AR which is about 10-15 minutes to our south, just across the state line or in Kennett, MO which is about 20 minutes north of the Fowl Lifestyle shop where we meet our clients for our Missouri hunting.


Q. What are license costs & requirements to duck hunt in Missouri?

    A. Missouri Migratory Bird Hunting Permit: $6 (Good for a year)

         Missouri Permit to Hunt Small Game: $11/day for nonresidents

         Federal Duck Stamp (Required Everywhere): $25

Q. Can I bring my retriever?

     A. Yes, we love to see our client's well-trained retrievers come hunt with them on both guided & self-guided trips & it gives our retrievers a well needed break. But they must be pre-approved by our staff & under control at all times during the trip.  Clients must inform us prior to arrival to guarantee use of their own dog.

Q. Will everyone in our group need waders?

     A. Water depths will range in all of our SEMO fields from a few inches up to about 12 inches. While we recommend waders for our guided clients, we can most definitely get you anywhere we may go in waterproof knee boots. 

Self-Guided clients will need waders as some of our fields have shallow ditches that will need to be crossed to retrieve brids or move decoys in certain locations.

Q. Do you offer refunds for booked hunts?

     A. All deposits & paid hunts are non-refundable. If hunts are cancelled, dates will be rescheduled either during the current season or for the upcoming season.

We do not guarantee limits as we are hunting a wild migratory bird, but we do guarantee 100% of our effort.

Q. Who will call the shots?

      A. Our experienced guides will call the shot for safety reasons & to present the best shot for everyone.  Judging distance in the vast expanses of the prairie can trick even the most seasoned waterfowler.  Our guides call the shots for a variety of safety reasons.   When retrievers are outside of the pit, all guns are to be inside, safely leaned against the gun rests in the pit.

Q. Can I bring my young son or daughter?

      A. Safety is our number one objective but we welcome everyone of all ages to join us in the field! Our children are the next step to preserving our outdoor heritage.

Q. What are the bag limits?

      A. A total of 6 ducks may be harvested per day, per hunter.  You may also harvest 2 specklebelly & up to 20 snow geese. The possession limit is 3 times your daily limit.

Q. What types of ducks will we be most likely to harvest?

      A. Our most common types of ducks we harvest on a day to day basis in the flooded fields of SEMO are the following: Mallards, Pintails, Gadwall, Green-Winged Teal, Northern Shovelers, as well as some Wigeon.  We do see some divers on occasion as well & if your lucky you may get a chance at a Black Duck!

Q. What types of terrain do your hunts take place in?

       A.  All of our guided hunts in SEMO, as well as our daily pit leases, take place in shallowly flooded rice & bean fields. 

Q.  Do you mix guided hunting parties?

       A.  Our goal is to never mix hunting parties!  With that said, if for whatever reason we have one field that is performing excessively better than our next best field, we will combine the two groups to offer the best hunting for both parties if we are sure we can provide a quality hunting experience for everyone.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact us about them!