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Tyler Helton

Tyler Helton

Owner, Duck/Speck Hunting Guide, & FLO General Manager

Since Tyler began hunting around the age of 5, he's been absorbed in everything that encompasses the outdoors from the land management to the last day of season.  Every year his love & passion for everything that is waterfowling continues to grow.

As of lately, he doesn't take many trips to the field without one of his closest hunting partners, his black Lab, Dixie, who works just as hard as anyone at Fowl Lifestyle! After 4 seasons, she continues to show incredible drive & is a crucial part of the Fowl Lifestyle family in & out of season.

Dreams have led Tyler up to this point in his life, & owning his own waterfowl hunting guide service has become a reality with the help of countless others. 

Every day brings something new when guiding in Southeast Missouri & the Fowl Lifestyle crew loves a challenge.  He couldn't do what he loves every season without the support of his wife Karley & his entire family!  Tyler has a degree in Ag Engineering from University of Tennessee & currently works for Helena Chemical Company.

"We are a young & growing outfitter & we have dreams to become a nationally recognized name & service.  We strive to give our clients the best possible hunts & setups every day of the season, no matter the conditions.  We thank God that we are able to do what we love every year & we pray that he'll grace us with one more season. I hope we get to see you next year in the field!"

  • MOmarsh Shallow Water Solutions Pro-Staff
  • Drake Waterfowl Systems Field Expert
  • Quack Rack Elite Team

Marshall Pearson

Marshall Pearson
Head Duck/Speck Hunting Guide & FLO Missouri Branch Manager

Marshall has been sitting in a duck blind ever since he could walk. The passion and love he has for waterfowl hunting that was instilled in him at a young age, by his dad and grandad, is what brings him to Fowl Lifestyle Outfitters. 

Chance is, if you have hunted with us, you have most likely had the opportunity to hunt with Marshall.  He puts in countless of hours of work behind the scenes so that everyone can have as good of a hunt as possible.  For Marshall, it's the way the birds work that drives him through the season, as well as working his two pups.

He loves chasing greenheads, but specks are what really get him going.

If he had to choose between his gun and his calls every day of the season, you can bet that he'd have his calls around his neck everyday. He will be accompanied in the field by two of his partners. His veteran black lab, Sadie, and his young pup, Zoey, who has high expectations to fill.

"What makes a season worth doing what I do is when I get to see the looks on peoples faces when they witness their first mondo wad of specklebellies racing into the decoys"

  • RNT-V Appearance

Drake Williams

Drake Williams

Duck/Goose Hunting Guide

Drake has been duck hunting with his family since before even he can remember. He has hunted everything from big river divers, to the fields & potholes of North Dakota, & back to the grain fields of the delta.

He has never been acused of being a "greenhead purist" by any of his hunting partners, Drake sees the beauty in firing a gun at whatever is flying that happens to have webbed feet.  His calling style is unique in itself, being that it has a different sound than most, but it has certainly proved to get the job in no matter the conditions.

Drake is currently pursuing his Doctorate at the University of Memphis after already finishing his BS in Chemistry from the University of Tennessee.

Matthew Meketi

Matthew Meketi

Duck/Goose Hunting Guide

Matt has been duck hunting since he was kid.  Whether it's the swamps & timber of West Tennessee or the flooded Ag fields of SEMO, he knows how to kill birds.  He will admit to being a "greenhead purist", & that is by far the duck of his choice day in & day out.

You'll be hard pressed to find someone who can handle a call as smoothly as Matt, no matter the environment. With years of experience & knowledge of ducks, if a good hunt is there to be had, it will become a reality if your in the blind with Matt.

Matt has a BS in Agriculture with a concentration in Ag Engineering from the University of Tennessee.  He works in the surveying industry whenever he isn't chasing birds.

Bryan Moyers

Bryan Moyers

Duck/Goose Hunting Guide & FLO Arkansas Branch Manager

Bryan has been waterfowl hunting for nearly as long as he can remember now.  Although he loves shooting birds in the flooded fields, the timber of Arkansas is his true passion.  With years of experience in the woods of Arkansas, you will be hard pressed to find a guide that is willing to work as hard as Bryan will be to put you on the birds.

Bryan resides in Hickory Ridge, Arkansas with his wife Kayla & their daughter, Sara.  He works for both Mossy Oak Properites as well as Fowl Lifestyle Outfitters.  Land is his love, & waterfowl hunting is his passion.

A people person, hard worker, & knowledgable timber guide will ensure our clients satisfaction when it comes to their timber hunting trips to Arkansas!

Ryan Saine

Ryan Saine

Duck/Speck Hunting Guide

Ryan entered the world of hunting around the age of 10 & hasn't slowed down since.  New ideas & possibilities for Fowl Lifestyle never seem to escape his thought process no matter what time of year it may be.

With his fair share of injuries through the years, you would never notice because it hasn't slowed him down in the field since Fowl Lifestyle's 1st opening day.  Ryan will work as hard as any guide you will meet in the outfitter service for you every day of season whether it be getting your gear to the pit or staying up long nights moving decoys & keeping holes from freezing up before the next days hunt.

Ryan & Tyler dreamed up the idea of owning their own guide service while in the duck blind, where better a place for a guide service to begin.  Next came more planning & decision making then either could have ever imagined.  Through the ups & downs so far, Ryan has not lost any drive to make Fowl Lifestyle a respectable & well-known outfitter service in the MS Flyway.

"There is nothing I'd rather do then share the blind with new & old duck hunters while watching their faces light up after the first volley of a morning hunt, or after shooting their first bird. The joy you see in their eyes is unlike anything else on Earth & that's what I live for every season!"

  • Heybo Field Staff

Dakota Ealey

Dakota Ealey

Duck/Goose Hunting Guide

Dakota has been hunting ducks since early is his college career.  Although he doesn't have as much time under his belt as many other guides, you can rest assured you will not find someone willing to put in more hours or work later into the night to prepare you for your hunt the next morning.

Dakota passion in the outdoors has been inside of him, his entire life, but waterfowl hunting has sparked a new interest that deer hunting never touched. If your able to spend a morning in the field with Dakota, laughs during the day will not be in short supply.

Dakota now works in the Golf & Turf Grass Management field after acquiring a degree from The University of Tennessee.

Luke Davenport

Luke Davenport

Duck Hunting Guide

Luke has been duck hunting nearly all of his life & it has grown into one of his many passions of the outdoors.  The 2015 season will be his first season as a full-time duck guide for Fowl Lifestyle & he is excited to meet all of the new clients, as well as past season clients.

He will work hard day & night to do everything he can to keep his clients on the birds, from scouting to completely new overnight setups!  His dependability, friendly attitude, & die hard work ethic is sure to prove invaluable during the 60 day waterfowl season.

Luke has a BS in Civil Engineering From The University of Tennessee, works for William's Steel, & is married to his high school sweetheart, Krysten.