Missouri Self Guided Waterfowl Hunts

Get a glimpse of what true Southeast Missouri duck hunting is all about with Fowl Lifestyle Outfitters in Rives, Missouri. If you are looking for a more of the DIY style of hunting, then our Self-Guided Daily Pit Leases are for you! We take the stress & extra work out of the hunt for those who can’t spend countless days & hours preparing for a couple hunts a year, or just want an opportunity to hunt on their own without a guide in a different location, but not on the public ground. We only offer a select number of daily leases each year to ensure the best possibilities for each group.

We provide nearly everything you need to be set up for a successful hunt in a proven area, but making the birds finish is up to you! Our daily pit leases are one of the major cornerstones of our services, & just by reading our past client’s testimonials, you can tell why!

DPL clients are responsible for keeping open water during below freezing periods.
Some of the best hunting of the season comes around icy periods, especially during a thaw for those willing to put in the extra work!

Large Group Hunts

Our Rates Include Hunting for up to 6 People, 100+ Decoys, Comfortable Pit, & a Flooded Field

Some fields have over 80 acres of water, while others may only have 15-30 acres of water. Each field is managed to a specific goal based on how they perform best! Over time we learned how each field performs best & in what scenarios (ie. amount of water, number of decoys, etc.). Water depths range from 18″ down to only a couple inches depending on location.

Rotating Fields, High Quality Decoys, Proven Ground & a Bottleneck Location in the Flyway

  • 2018-2019 DPL Group Rates For Up to 6
  • $600/Day
  • As low as $100/PP
  • Decoys Included
  • Rice & Bean Fields
  • Comfortable Pits

Why our Missouri Waterfowl Leases

You won’t be in standing water inside of our pits, we have false floors in all of our pits & we regularly pump them dry to ensure maximum comfort during your hunt.

We have multiple rotating pit options for our self-guided clients, giving us the best ability to put you in the most productive field for your trip to the bootheel. Our operation does not tie down our self-guided clients to a single field all season. Multiple rotating options give our clients the best possible trip success!

Decoy spreads are already provided, but you are welcome to bring your own deocys as well.

Missouri Nonresident License fees required to hunt waterfowl are substantially less expensive than our bordering waterfowl hunting states. A 3-day trip will cost you about $40 plus your federal duck stamp compared to our neighboring states that will run you over $100, plus the duck hunting is just plain better!

Harvest opportunities typically include mallards, pintails, wigeon, green-wing teal, gadwall, northern shovelers ,specklebelly geese, & of course snow geese!

Our DPL clients arrive the afternoon before their first day of hunting & meet us at HQ. They are then shown the ground they will be hunting during their trip, & we answer any questions they may have. It is a completely DIY type hunt!

A 50% Non-refundable Deposit is required to lock in your dates for your pit lease, with the remaining balance due upon arrival.

Included with Your Hunt

Comfortable & well-brushed pit with two dog boxes in a proven flooded rice or bean field. Some pits are in a levy, others are in the middle of a flooded field
100+ decoys at each setup, but you are welcome to bring more to add to the spread, as many clients do!
One of our guides will show your group the pit & field that you will be hunting during your trip the evening before your first day of your lease & give you any tips on recent bird reactions to calling, decoys setups, & motion decoys that might be helpful as well as answer any questions you may have!

Not Included with Your Hunt

Guide, appropriate licenses, motion decoys/spinning wing decoys, personal hunting gear, heaters, ice eaters, & transportation to/from the pit/blind.

We HIGHLY recommend ATV/UTV’s to get from parking areas to your pit/blind. Some pits are only 200 yards from the road while others can be well over 1/2 mile from the gravel roads or more. Most groups that have hunted with us consider an ATV/UTV a necessity!
Many Daily Pit Lease clients also choose to tip the guides, while many may not see the amount of work that goes into setting up our self-guided groups, our guides are constantly picking up & moving decoys due to ice & wind, cleaning & pumping pits dry, & scouting fields for clients to determine where best to put everyone the next day! Our guides work for tips everyday & everything is appreciated!

Missouri Spring Conservation Pit Leases

We offer Snow Goose Pit Leases for the spring Conservation Season in Southeast Missouri. The fields in this program are previously flooded rice or bean fields, that have been drained specifically for spring snow goose season. Our fields range from 40 acres to nearly 200 acres depending on the setup.

We also encourage our clients to bring their own layout blinds, just in case the birds are preferring a different spot in the field than the pit area. These hunts take place during the spring conservation season which means unplugged shotguns, e-callers, & no limits hunting!

We can do week long leases from a Sunday through the following Saturday, or seasonal leases. All gear must be setup on the morning of your first day at the earliest & removed on the last evening at the latest.

Contact us today to discuss the best available dates for your spring snow goose conservation season hunt as there will only be a limited number of available dates.

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