A Higher-Caliber Daily Pit Lease Program

Southeast Missouri’s Premier Self-Guided Waterfowl Hunts

Why our Daily Lease Program? Experience. We have successfully been in the daily pit lease business for over 10 years now. Our pits have  false floors built into them, to guarantee that you are never standing in mud or water while hunting. That means you, as well as your gear, are cleaner, drier, & more comfortable throughout the hunt!

We operate our Self-Guided Hunts out of a highly proven pit under a major flight line giving us the best odds to put you on birds during your trip to the Bootheel. A permanent spread is already in place for you with over 1000 total decoys including both duck & goose decoys. This pit is also used for our guided hunts as well, so there is never a worry of being put in a less than proven field. The majority of our spreads are large, permanent spreads targeting migrators. Missouri also has much lower License Costs Compared to Neighboring States. Our hunts are targeting traffic birds, so a larger spread is a neccesity!

Harvest opportunities include mallards, pintails, wigeon, green-wing teal, gadwall, northern shovelers, specks, & possibly even snow geese! We take care of all of the pre-hunt chores for you besides last minute decoy adjustments for the given wind, but making the birds finish is up to you!

How Our Self-Guided Program Works

Arrive the afternoon before your first day of hunting & meet up with our crew at our Guides’ Quarters where we will talk about the recent bird activity/patterns & answer any questions you may have about your upcoming hunts. Then follow us to to the farm you will be hunting to check everything out. Once we arrive, we’ll discuss the best route in & out of the field to the pit via ATV/UTV, what tactics have been working recently, & answer any of your last minute questions! From there, it is all up to you & your crew to make the birds finish!

Your first morning out, you’ll arrive to a well-brushed pit with over 1000 decoys waiting on you. Change up the spread for whatever the wind may be & set your motion decoys that you brought before shooting light. Then jump into the pit & get ready for the birds!

Our Daily Pit Lease Program’s goal is to put you underneath a proven & consistent local flight line, with a large spread of decoys, all while being well hid inside of a comfortable pit! We strive to bring together the best combination of an easily accessible pit, comfortability during the hunt, & plenty of bird opportunities while hunting! In our area, you are targeting traffic/migrating waterfowl everyday.

Self-Guided Daily Pit Lease
  • Up to 8 People
  • 1000+ Total Decoys
  • 500+ Duck Floaters & 500+ Speck/Snow Socks
  • Large & Comfortable Pit
  • Raised False Floor & Covered Roof
  • Propane Burning Cooktop
  • Built-In Dog Box
  • Nov. 23-26 & Dec. 7 – Jan. 31
  • No Minimum Group Size – Maximum of 8
  • Proven Field & Consistent Flight Line
  • Easy Levy Access via ATV/UTV


  • Flat rate for Up to 8 People
  • 1000+ Pre-Set Decoys (500+ Duck Decoys & 500+ Speck/Snow Decoys)
  • Large, Comfortable, & Well-Brushed Pit
  • Propane Burning Cooktop (Propane Not Provided)
  • Raised Floor to Keep You & Your Gear Out of Mud & Water While Hunting
  • Proven Field & Flight Line
  • Communication & Guide Tips on Recent Bird Activity
  • Parking Area to Leave ATV’s & UTV’s at our Guides’ Quarters

Not Included

  • Guide & Retreiver
  • ATV/UTV Transportation
  • Motion Decoys
  • Cooking Utensils, Pans, & 1 lb. Propane Canisters
  • License
  • Ice Eaters or Water Movement

Our self-guided pit will have over 1000 decoys in the spread, guaranteeing the ability to compete with other pits in the area while putting you in the best position possible to have a successful hunt for both ducks & geese.

We use our Self-Guided pit for our guided hunts as well so there is never a concern of being in a sub-par location. Our goal is to give you the best opportunity to harvest your limit of birds, in a comfortable well-brushed pit, over a well above average decoy spread!

ATV/UTV’s are highly recommend to get from the parking areas to your pit. Most self-guided groups that have hunted with us consider them a necessity but we do have a few groups that opt to hike in & out!

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    Did a self guided pit lease and couldn’t be happier with the location and blind. Ice made for a tough and physical hunt breaking ice but we had a great time. Communication was great and did no feel like a money grab. They asked how we were dong and gave insights on conditions and flight patterns. Would definitely recommend. 

    B. Pfister

    My experience with Fowl Lifestyle Outfitters was great! Having hunted many different outfitters in the southern Midwest, my hunt with these guys was the best. Not only did we get put on plenty of birds, but also we were treated as one of their own. The laughs didn’t stop from the moment we entered the pit. Tyler and his crew treat their clients with the utmost respect. The location we hunted was phenomenal and the pit was one of the finest I have been in. I am looking forward to returning to hunt with Fowl Lifestyle Outfitters for years to come.

    D. Harris

    Third year hunting with Fowl lifestyle. Started as guided hunt, then self guided, now annual lease. Always professional, respectful and quick to respond. Can’t go wrong

    E. Coulter

    Missouri Spring Conservation Pit Leases

    We offer Snow Goose Pit Leases for the spring Conservation Season in Southeast Missouri. The fields in this program are previously flooded rice or bean fields, that have been drained specifically for spring snow goose season. Our fields range from 40 acres to nearly 200 acres depending on the setup.

    Contact us today to discuss the best available dates for your spring snow goose conservation season hunt as there will only be a limited number of available dates & fields.

    Southeast Missouri Seasonal Pit Leases


    40 Acre – LEASED

    52 Acre – LEASED

    80 Acre – LEASED







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