Owner, Guide, & General Manager

Tyler Helton

Tyler has been hunting since around the age of 5 & began guiding waterfowl hunts at the age of 21 when he began Fowl Lifestyle Outfitters, LLC.  He handles bookings throughout the year, manages daily pit leases, as well as guides.

His black Labrador Retriever, Dixie, has accompanied him since day 1 in the rice fields & continues to do so.

Tyler is married to his high school sweetheart Karley & works for Helena Agri-Enterprises in West Tennessee while also managing Fowl Lifestyle Outfitters, LLC.  He has a BS in Agriculture from the University of TN.

  • Quack Rack Elite Team
  • Drake Waterfowl Systems Field Expert
Head Guide & Guided Hunts Manager

Marshall Pearson

Marshall has been sitting in a duck blind ever since he could walk, with both his dad & grandad.  He began guiding for Fowl Lifestyle Outfitters beginning in the 2016 season & has quickly become a major part of the team.  Marshall is Head Guide at FLO & plays a major role in every aspect of FLO.

You won’t see him in the blind without one of his dogs beside him!

If Marshall isn’t in a duck blind, he is most likely farming.  He has a BS in Agriculture from the University of TN & is married to his high school sweetheart, Jessi.

  • RNT-V Appearance
  • Sitka Tribe Staff

Walker Fraley

Walker joined the crew in 2018 & quickly fell right into place becoming a major part of Fowl Lifestyle.  Starting as a co-guide, everyone quickly learned he was more than capable of a full-time guide position.

He will work as hard as anyone in the industry that you will meet & we are glad to have him on our team!  During the off-season, Walker works in the turf/lawn industry.

  • Sitka Tribe Staff

Drake Williams

Drake has been duck hunting with his family since before even he can remember. He has hunted everything from big river divers, to the fields & potholes of North Dakota, & back to the grain fields of the delta.  

Drake plays a part in some of everything that goes on at Fowl Lifestyle.  Whether it is brushing before season, showing daily lease clients pits, or guiding hunts, he does some of everything.

Drake is currently pursuing his Doctorate at the University of Memphis after already finishing his BS in Chemistry from the University of Tennessee.


Matthew Meketi

Matt has been duck hunting since he was kid. Whether it’s the swamps & timber of West Tennessee or the flooded Ag fields of SEMO, he knows how to kill birds.

Matt plays a major part in getting things prepped before season as well as keeping things working throughout season.  While he does his share of guiding, the majority of his time is spent behind the scenes keeping things in working order everyday of season.

Matt has a BS in Agriculture from the University of Tennessee. He works in the surveying industry whenever he isn’t chasing the birds.

  • Sitka Tribe Staff
Guide & Camp Chef

Joey Foust

Joey has been duck hunting for well over a dozen years in multiple states.  There won’t be a lack of conversation or a boring moment in the blind if you are fortunate enough to get to hunt with him.

If he isn’t assisting one of the other guides, there is a solid chance you will find him preparing a meal for everyone.

Joey is married to his wife Leah with two children & works for Helena Agri-Enterprises in AgrIntelligence.

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