MO South & Middle Zone Hunting

Missouri Rice Field Duck Hunts

Come join us this season in one of our pits or blinds & see what waterfowl hunting in SEMO is all about.  Whether you want to experience duck hunting in the winter or goose hunting in the spring, we can help you with both!  We know that a good experience with an Outfitter goes far beyond just the number of birds harvested at the end of the day. From the planning stages, to the hunt, to the camaraderie in the blind, these are just a few of the things that make-up a quality experience from start to finish, & we strive to make every part of your trip with us, that we can control, to be enjoyable at the highest level.

Included in Guided Hunt

  • Professional, Experienced, & Friendly Guides
  • Heated Mud Room to Store Gear & Get Prepared Before the Hunt
  • Cooked Breakfast in the Blind/Pit Each Day
  • Access to Thousands of Private Acres of Rice & Bean Fields in 3 Counties
  • Fresh Coffee to Drink Before your Hunts at the FLO HQ
  • Large Decoy Spreads, Well Brushed Pits/Blinds, & Motion Decoys
  • Ice Eaters to Ensure Open Water & Maximize Opportunities
  • Heaters Inside the Pits/Blinds to Help Stay Warm
  • Scouting by Our Crew Before & During your Trip to the Bootheel
  • Hunting on Proven, Private Ground that is Carefully Managed All Season

Not Included

  • Licenses
  • Gratuity
  • Lodging (See Elk Chute Lodge)
  • Bird Cleaning (Cleaning Area at FLO HQ & ECL)
Dexter, MO

Middle Zone

Join us in Missouri’s Middle Zone on Private Flooded Rice Ground Bordering Otter Slough Conservation Area.  Otter Slough is known to hold upward of 75,000 ducks with numbers in the immediate area reaching well over 100,000!

Early November – December Hunts
4 Man Minimum

Rives, MO

South Zone

Join us in the Southern-Most Tip of Missouri in the Bootheel for some incredible South Zone Hunting.  We are within sight of Hornersville Swamp CA as well as Big Lake NWR which can hold upwards of 250,000 ducks.

Late November to Late January Hunts
2 Man Minimum Mon-Thurs  –  4 Man Minimum Fri-Sun

Duck Hunting Setups

The majority of our hunts take place in large comfortable sunken pits or above ground blinds.  We have access to thousands of acres of private ground across the Bootheel region.  From rice fields, to beans, as well as some moist soil fields, we have several different options for our groups!

Duck & Speck Hunts 
Early November to Early February
Snow Goose Conservation Hunts
Early February to Early March

Waterfowl Hunting Opportunties

While hunting in the flooded rice & bean fields of Southeast Missouri, the time frame of which your hunt takes place will greatly determine the waterfowl which you are most likely to have the opportunity to bag. Early season hunts tend to bring a more mixed bag, while late season hunts tend to focus more heavily on the notorious green-headed Mallard. Mallards, gadwall, green-winged teal, northern shovelers, & pintails are the most common ducks that we encounter on a day to day basis. Specklebelly geese as well as Snow Geese are also a very likely possibility while hunting the flooded fields.

What to Bring

  • Warm Clothing & Rain Gear
  • Ammo – 2 Shot Recommended
  • Shotgun
  • Waders (Knee Boots Minimum)
  • Camera
  • Face Mask/Paint
  • Snacks

Unique Hunting Styles

Waterfowl hunting in the Mississippi Flyway varies as greatly as any other flyway that you may hunt.  With us, you may hunt a pit one day & a blind on the edge of a field the very next.  Specklebellies, snow geese, & every type of puddle duck you can think of is a possibility when you are hunting the flooded fields of Southeast Missouri.  

Keeping You Informed

We strive to keep all of our clients informed about their upcoming trip with us, no matter the outlook.  The weather plays the biggest role in how the birds are in our area at any given time of the season.  

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