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Missouri Waterfowl Hunting Rates

With a multitude of different hunting opportunities from comfortable pits to big blinds spread across thousands of acres in the Southeast Missouri, we strive to give you the best possible opportunities while hunting Southeast Missouri!

Duck & Speck Season

Duck & Specklebelly season hunts take place over large floating & full-body spreads to target migrating ducks & geese each day that are moving between one of the many major waterfowl refuges in our area. It’s a thrill to be able to shoot both ducks & geese over the short water!

We manage each of our farms all season to hold ducks & geese in the immediate vicinity of our pits/blinds which gives us an edge over others in our area. We flood & hold water on nearly three times as many fields as what we hunt each year to maximize the numbers of birds immediately around us.

Conservation Snow Goose Season

Unplugged shotguns & screaming E-callers! In the spring, we target Snow Geese during the Conservation Season as they stage to head back to the breeding grounds. Our area of the Bootheel is a bottleneck of proven success as they push back north each spring.

Our hunts take place over large permanent spreads in comfortable pits. We are able to cook breakfast in the pit each day & stay a little more comfortable with these style hunts. It is not the “run-and-gun” style that many enjoy but we’ve learned some guys enjoy a bit more comfort while chasing whitey.

Self-Guided Daily Pit Lease
  • Nov. 25-28 & Dec. 7 – Jan. 31
  • Up to 8 People – Flat Rate
  • 500+ Decoys
  • Comfortable Pits with False Floors
  • No Minimum
Guided Duck Season
  • Nov. 24-27 & Dec. 7 – Jan. 31
  • Large Floater & Full-body Spreads
  • Comfortable Pits & Blinds
  • Cooked Breakfast & Drinks Included
  • Main Target: Ducks & Specks
  • 4 Man Minimum
  • No Group Mixing
Guided Snow Goose
  • Feb. 7 – Feb. 28
  • Comfortable & Heated Pits
  • Breakfast & Drinks Included
  • 3000+ Decoys & E-Callers
  • 4 Man Minimum

Cancellation Information

We run several ice eaters throughout the season to maintain open water during cold snaps for our guided hunts. Their durability has been proven in past seasons, having been ran for over 200+ hours straight in past seasons. Depending on the length of a freeze & how cold it gets, we may opt to move your dates to provide you with the best possible options.

If we decide that is in your best interest to cancel your hunt, we will try to provide you with dates later in the current season, but worst case scenario we will roll your dates over to the following season.  We want to give you the best hunt possible, & if we cancel your hunt, rest assured it is worth moving dates.

All paid monies are non-refundable.

Is there a group minimum?

Guided Hunts have a 4 Man Minimum

Daily Pit Leases: No Minimum with Max of 8

***Guided Hunt Groups are Never Mixed

Do you offer lodging?

We do not offer lodging but we highly recommend staying at the ELK CHUTE LODGE which is within 5 minutes of our HQ. www.elkchutelodge.com

You can also find lodging options at Bootheel Lodge. www.bootheellodge.com

There are also several hotel options in either Blytheville, AR which is about 10-15 minutes to our south, just across the state line or in Kennett, MO which is about 20 minutes north of the Fowl Lifestyle shop where we meet our clients for our Missouri hunting.

License & Requirements

MO Migratory Bird Hunting Permit: $6

MO Non-Resident Daily Small Game Permit: $14/day

Federal Duck Stamp: $25

Can I bring my dog?

Guided Hunts: Yes, we love to see our client’s well-trained retrievers come hunt with them during their trip & it gives our retrievers a well needed break. But they must be pre-approved by our staff & under control at all times during the trip. Clients must inform us prior to arrival to guarantee use of their own dog. *Guided Groups must have at least 4 in their party to be allowed to bring dog(s) to guarantee you are the only party hunting.

Daily Pit Lease: All of our setups have a minimum of 1 dog box, many have 2 boxes, setup specifically for your retriever during your hunt.

Do I need Waders?

Water depths will range in all of our SEMO fields from a few inches up to 24 inches. While we recommend waders for our guided clients, we can most definitely get you anywhere we may go in waterproof knee boots.

Self-Guided clients will need waders as some of our fields have shallow ditches that will need to be crossed to retrieve birds or move decoys in certain locations.

Refunds for booked hunts?

All deposits & paid hunts are non-refundable. If hunts are cancelled due to inclement weather, dates will be rescheduled either during the current season or for the upcoming season & the paid monies will be rolled-over.

We do not guarantee limits as we are hunting a wild migratory bird, but we do guarantee 100% of our effort.

If one of our group is unable to attend or backs out of a hunt after our initial deposit is made, can their deposit be applied to our remaining balance?

Unfortunately not. We plan each day of our season around the number of hunters for that specific day. If a member of your group is unable to attend/backs out, their deposit is forfeited. 

Who calls the shots?

Guided Hunts: Our experienced guides will call the shot for safety reasons & to present the best shot for everyone. Judging distance in the vast expanses of the prairie can trick even the most seasoned waterfowler.

Daily Pit Lease: You are in charge of everything from breaking down the birds, to finishing the them, to making the right shot call!

Can I bring my kids?

Safety is our number one concern with all ages, but we welcome everyone who wants to join us in the field! Kids are the next step to preserving our outdoor heritage.

Bag limits?

A total of 6 ducks may be harvested per day, per hunter. You may also harvest 2 specks & up to 20 snow geese. The possession limit is 3 times your daily limit.

What waterfowl will we see?

Our most common types of ducks we harvest on a day to day basis in the flooded fields of SEMO are the following: Mallards, Pintails, Gadwall, Green-Winged Teal, Northern Shovelers, as well as some Wigeon. We do see some divers on occasion as well & if your lucky you may get a chance at a Black Duck!

What terrain do you hunt?

All of our hunts take place in shallowly flooded Agriculture fields.

Do we need an ATV?

Guided Hunts: We provide all hunting transportation for our guided hunts. We have several Polaris Ranger Crews as well as other SxS & ATV’s to ensure you never have to walk more than a few feet to the pit!

Daily Pit Leases: We highly recommend bringing an ATV/UTV to get your crew to & from the pits from the gravel parking areas. While we do have groups that opt not to bring transportation, we stress that it is a necessity. Many of our pits sit in the middle of a flooded field. Gumbo mud can be physically demanding to walk across even for fit individuals.

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    We had a daily pit lease for four days. The blinds are amazing. The first day was iced up but when the thaw came it was on! Highly recommend coming here. Tyler came out & helped us get rid of the ice when he didn’t have to! Awesome place to go with a bunch of birds!

    J. Smith


    Great operation! We did the daily pit lease for the past weekend & was really impressed. Nice pits located in a great area. Tyler & Ryan are really great guys & definitely took care of us. Thanks for the awesome hunt & we’ll see you next year!

    S. Lyell


    We had an amazing time hunting with Matt and Evan. The weather wasn’t great our first day. These two guys went above and beyond to get us on some ducks. The breakfast they cook is pretty dang good too. Looking forward to returning next year.

    B. Lee


    We had a great time! Good guys who work hard for you. Don’t hesitate to booka hunt. We will definitely be back!

    T. Schutte







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