February 11th, 2017 – Season Recap

February 11th, 2017 – Season Recap
If we had to describe this past season in a few words: Warm & dry, then super cold & wet. It was a season of extremes that made it one of our toughest conditions seasons to date. We started season with some pretty consistent hunting, with only a few short lulls, & then around Christmas a hard freeze hit our area that wouldn’t give up so quickly.

Nearly 1/3 of our season we had ice on the ground that we battled, & at times just had to wait out. We saw 6″ of ice multiple times. But we had some very quality hunting before & after the ice. With higher bird averages than any prior season, we couldn’t complain most of the season whenever we weren’t locked up.

Plans have already begun for next season with our eyes on some big plans! We are expecting more rice on our ground for next season, new pits, & hopefully a lot of new birds! We are looking forward to seeing everyone again next season, with an expected client return rate of over 50%.

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