June 16th, 2017 – FLO Update

It’s been somewhat of a wet spring so far, but just recently it has begun drying up somewhat. The dry weather has allowed for new pits to be sunk & to replace older pits. Most the crops are in so far, with there being somewhat of a rise in bean acres & a drop in rice acres. More ground has been graded recently which will allow for more water in our local area (we hope).

We have begun working on pits, adding some covered roofs, as well as planning a new 8 man blind with a full kitchen. Plans to add more parking area to the HQ, as well as more storage, will free up room for more area for clients to store gear during their trip.

While we do not prefer hunting over one crop to another, it looks like most of our fields will be in rice this upcoming season. With bag limits announced & overall the same as the previous season, we are looking forward to an exciting season as always, especially since we are coming off of our best season to date!

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